BACKSTONES are burned according to ancient custom only with coal and completely the centuries-old tradition obligated individually manufactured. No stone is like the other – each “Westfalen Backstein” is a color-fast unique and only available as a solid stone with the original bell seal! It is precisely this proven natural uniqueness in color and rough structure that makes the Westfalen brick as if made for the true-to-the-original restoration of historic buildings or extraordinary new buildings.

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The classic - the historical monastery format

Cloister formats are used especially in the renovation of historic architectural culture, but are also a very special design element in modern architecture.

The most common formats are (LxWxH):

280 x 135 x 68 mm
280 x 130 x 65 mm
290 x 140 x 90/05 mm
all other formats on request.


Traditionally made bricks

Our special highlight is the brick traditionally made by hand and historical firing process.

It is available in all common formats and special formats, in a very appealing and in the preservation of historical monuments particularly often occurring color play from brick-red to yellowish-orange. For simplified processing, all bricks are provided with a classic mortar pocket.


Old empire format - the redevelopment stone

The traditional Old Empire format plays a very special role in refurbishment. Our range includes all common finishes and colors in the usual classic dimensions.

These are (LxWxH):
250 x 120 x 65 mm
240 x 115 x 65/62mm
All other sizes on request.