For your very special building project and for applications in urban monument preservation, we offer roof tiles in traditional special shapes such as monk/nun or also as plain tiles.

The roof tiles are offered both in common formats or can also be made to specification, either unglazed or glazed. 


Mediterranean look - monk and nun

The traditional roofing with nun and monk is found primarily on monasteries and churches and is therefore a widespread product in the care of monuments.
However, more and more private homeowners are also opting for the noble look of Mediterranean priepe roofs.

Our monk and nun tiles are guaranteed handmade and therefore promise a very special, individual look.


Roof plain tile - simple and elegant at the same time

Plain tiles have been shaping the German roof landscape since time immemorial. With their simple and elegant appearance, they adorn the various roof types and are present almost everywhere. Whether listed roof or architecturally sophisticated new construction.

Our range of plain tiles - varied in color and shape - opens up a wide range of design options for this popular classic.


Only a fragment?

You want to renovate an old roof or restore it to its original historical condition, but only have fragments of the old roofing ?

Then let us know this. We will try to reconstruct the tile and develop a suitable product accordingly.

Here's how to contact us.