Our product range also includes the production of shaped stones.
This is done either according to a historical model, which can also be only a fragment of a molded stone, or according to drawings.


Customized individually according to your specification.

Our shaped bricks are made individually according to your specifications, whether from original bricks or from technical drawings. Smaller quantities are produced by hand, larger quantities by means of a negative mold adapted to the shrinkage of the clay. The color and surface of the stones are often determined directly on site at the building, taking into account in particular the weathering condition of the object as well as planned cleaning measures. Let us advise you and contact us.


Glazed or unglazed - you decide.

We offer our individually manufactured shaped stones for you in natural color shades as well as with a two-fired glaze. The glaze developed according to your specifications is applied to the already fired stone and then refined in a further firing process, whereby it achieves a special strength and also brilliance. You can learn more about glazes here.


Ornamental stones and terracottas

Elaborate ornamental stones and terracottas are also part of our portfolio. Our spectrum ranges from the production of small quantities by means of a negative mold construction to the unique one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece. Particularly in the urbanistic preservation of monuments and in the renovation of sacral buildings, problems of this kind occur again and again. Here, it is not only crucial to recreate the shape of an ornamental element, but also to develop the color tone of the stone in such a way that the element will later blend in perfectly with the restored building.